Students as co-creators of technology-rich learning activities in higher education

TítolStudents as co-creators of technology-rich learning activities in higher education
Tipus de publicacióArticle
AutorsGros, B, López, M
Revista International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education
Paraules clauCo-design, Ecology of resources, higher education, Learning scenarios, Technology-rich learning
ResumenThis article describes an ongoing study that, ultimately, aims to help students become co-creators of their courses. It discusses methodologies to support student empowerment and engagement. It uses the Learner Centric Ecology of Resources perspective (Luckin 2006) to explore the experiences of teachers and students from two different universities as they participated in co-design processes for selecting digital resources during the design of the courses. The data presented in the study was collected during the design workshops with the participation of teachers and students. The Ecology of Resources Design Framework was identified by the participants as a good facilitator during the co-design process. However, time seems to be a critical factor. A sustained dialogue over time is required to generate the context of trust needed between students and teachers and to explore the different levels of expertise.