Popular science

  • EMA-TALK (+)
    In 2016 begins a series of monthly seminars to share topics of interest within the research group, thesis, readings, etc.
  • Casos en Xarxa Seminar (+)
    1st of Desember, 2015. Seminar organized by EMA and Trans.Edu to disseminate the project and collect improvement proposals and reflections of invited teachers.
  • EMA's Conference (+)
    17th of September, 2015. Speakers: Xavier Oliver (cases methodology) and Imma Martín (gamification).
  • Colaboration in research and training activites from others institutions, as educational advisors
    Aside from the activities as educational advisors and training often involved by our researchers, we highlight an activity directly related to the scientific advice to the SAO association (project 306931) (Dr. Ana Maria Escofet).
  • Management of pedagogical journals and other instances of popular science
    Dr. Artur Parcerisa is member of the Executive Board of Aula de innovación educativa and Guix, Elements d'Acció Educativa journals and, since 2013, he is also member of the Executive Board of Aula de Secundaria
    Dr. Begoña Gros participates in several Scientific Committes of national and international journals (Cultura y ComunicaciónRUSCInternational Journal of Web Based CommunitiesEducational Research and Development, etc).
  • Symposium: Educational Innovation
    Imagina't INNED 2. Innovació metodològica conference.19th of February, 2010, 6 hours. With the participation of several professionals from formal education, social and community education.
  • Symposium: INEED 2 (+)
    25th and 26th of November, 2011. The symposium, held at CosmoCaixa with the participation of 150 teachers, tried to bridge the connection between educational research and innovative experiences. It aimed to open a pathway to combine the results of the scientific work of our research group with the necessary relationship between educational research and educational innovation.
  • Symposium: European Workshop - Europe and Asia. How to stimulate mobility and collaboration? (+)
    Barcelona, 20th of September, 2013. Aula Magna (Campus Mundet, Faculty of Education, University of Barcelona).
  • Organization of Summer and Winter Doctorate School from the Faculty of Pedagogy (UB)
    From 2010 to 2013 we organized Doctorate Schools -total of six- under the direction of Dr. Anna Forés, with the participation of members from EMA. The Summer Schools of Doctorate aimed to disseminate research results.